While Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are making headlines for their very public (and sometimes hilarious) trial where domestic violence is at the center, it’s a reminder that relationship problems can affect anyone.

Dr. Weinstein, Michigan Psychiatrist weighs in:

“Good communication is a primary ingredient for a healthy relationship… what that really means is you’re always trying to understand the other person’s perspective.”

We all get upset, we all get mad. But, when your partner is upset, instead of meeting them at that elevated level of anger, it’s important to look at it through a sense of understanding. Why are they upset, why are they mad? Often, you’ll find that a little understanding turns anger into empathy and frustration into positive communication.

Dr. Weinstein also says: “There is no room for violence in ANY relationship, physical and verbal.”

While physical violence gets the majority of the attention, Dr. Weinstein also encourages us to remove verbal violence from our relationships. Verbal violence is anything spoken to you that makes you feel bad in a relationship whether it be a raised voice causing fear to words that are used to hurt. Verbal violence is so common in relationships that we often don’t recognize it as violence.

When it comes to verbal violence Dr. Weinstein says: “walk away, do something that gives you that extra five minutes of thought.”

While most of us hopefully will never end up in court with the world watching our domestic disputes, nearly all of us will experience conflict in a relationship. Seeking understanding to better our communication and making a conscious commitment to avoid all violence both physical and verbal will ensure our relationships are positive and healthy for years to come.

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