It can be difficult to make the decision to ask for help with your mental health. But accessing the right resources through services from a psychiatric doctor could be the key to help you overcome some of your most challenging struggles. Finding the right provider is a personal decision that can help you take control of your mental health, which provides the overall balance needed for all areas of your life.

When you choose a psychiatrist, you are partnering with a medical doctor who designs a personalized plan based on your specific diagnosis and symptoms. This process is more than just discussing your problems; it is a full approach that might include lifestyle and dietary changes, psychiatric medications, talk therapy, and more. Modern psychiatric services are focused on mental health treatment that creates long-lasting results.
Tips for Choosing a Psychiatric Doctor

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are ready to find a psychiatrist:
1. Ask for Referrals: A personal recommendation is a great way to find a local doctor you can trust. Ask your family care physician or other healthcare providers to locate a psychiatrist that is close to home. You might also consider asking your insurance company for a referral to find services that will be covered through your insurance plan.

2. Check Their Credentials: It is essential that you choose a board-certified psychiatrist. Board certification ensures that your doctor will have the right skills, training, and experience that is needed. Depending on your circumstances, you might look for a psychiatrist who specializes in the specific services you require, such as a geriatric psychiatrist for an aging parent, or an adolescent psychiatrist for your child.

3. Personality Fit: You need to be comfortable meeting with your doctor, so make sure that you have a good personality fit. Consider how communication style, gender, and the person’s disposition will impact your experience working together. If you don’t feel comfortable with the first psychiatrist you meet, then it’s ok to try another provider in the clinic – or you might choose another psychiatric facility in the area.

4. Shared Goal: When working with any healthcare provider, it is important that you share the same goal through the treatment process. Do you have a preferred treatment method that has worked in the past? Or, maybe there is a specific outcome you are trying to achieve. Talk to your doctor about these essential details to be sure that you will be aligned in the course of treatment.

5. Holistic Approach: While psychiatric medications can be a necessary part of your treatment plan, you need to evaluate how overall lifestyle factors are influencing your mental health. Choose a doctor that pairs modern medicine with alternative therapies to optimize the overall results that can be achieved.

Since every person is unique, remember that not all mental health services will be a good fit for you. Research your options, then schedule a consultation with potential providers to find the best approach based on your customized needs.
Full-Service Psychiatric Care

At Summer Psychiatric Services, our compassionate staff provides full-service solutions for patients who need psychiatric support. Not only do we stay current with the latest pharmaceutical advancements, but we also provide a full-service approach that can include alternative therapies. We see the value in treating mental, physical, and behavioral health with an all-encompassing approach that might include exercise, meditation, yoga, holistic nutraceuticals, and more.
If you are looking for comprehensive psychiatric support, then we invite you to learn more about our clinic. Call Summit Psychiatric Services to schedule your initial appointment to see how you will benefit from our full-service care: (248) 471-7171.

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