A formula for anxiety.

Being a parent is tough. Being a parent at any time in the last 2 years can feel like one overwhelming obstacle after another. From just general questions about the pandemic, the struggles of remote learning, and so many other “once in a lifetime” challenges burdened upon parents from the pandemic, 2022’s relaxing of mandates and distancing was a sign to many parents that things were finally getting more manageable.

These relief signs quickly fade when you go to the formula aisle and are met with barren shelves. That’s what many are facing right now after a top US producer had to shut down and recall baby formula. And just like the beginning of the pandemic for ventilators, the White House has invoked the defense production act once again to take emergency measures to try and put baby formula back on the shelves.

The anxiety the formula shortage is causing is easy to understand. Feeding your children falls into the most basic of parental tasks and removing that can put undue pressure on parents.

Dr. Weinstein, Michigan psychiatrist, understands that feeling and has some suggestions.

1. Reach out to your pediatrician and ask for samples of baby formula. Many pediatricians have sample sizes in their offices and can supply as needed.

2. If your baby is over 10 months, discuss with your pediatrician if it’s okay to start your baby on toddler formula.

3. Call around to smaller stores and drug stores, they may not be out as quickly as bigger stores would be.

4. Check out social media groups. There are many on Facebook you can join with parents or family members who as a community are helping find our babies formula.

5. Try a different brand with similar ingredients.

During this time, it is natural to feel anxious or overwhelmed while we’re all facing such an unknown end to a crisis seemingly everyday.

“These ‘once in a lifetime’ events are becoming all too common, and it’s easy to feel hopeless”

But hopeless is an emotion we can fight.

Together we have the strength that despite all the evidence to the contrary something better awaits us.

Whether it’s baby formula, inflation, and whatever is next, all of these events are a formula for feeling anxiety. Luckily, with the right help we can all work towards feeling ok, even when times are tough.

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