Tabetha Kassab


Tabetha Kassab, P.A.


Psychiatry, Mental Health


Graduated Occupational Therapy School in 2014 and then went back to school to gain for autonomy, graduated from PA school in 2022

About Tabetha

Why did you choose to practice psychiatry?

The beauty of mental health treatment is that small treatments can often make a big difference. I love that I can help improve someone’s quality of life. Seeing patients improve is extremely fulfilling.

Who or what inspires you in your work as a psychiatry provider?

My patients inspire me everyday. I love when I see my patients live their life to the fullest. 
How can you help? Talk about your specialty and what you offer.
By promoting mental health and well-being, I can help patients create a more productive and efficient livelihood . I establish strong bonds with my patients and learn about them. I make my patients a priority. I offer expertise in psychiatric medications and promote healthy living. 
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