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Mind Health Group

Mind Health Group Providers

C.E.O. and Medical Director (Dr. Bryan Weinstein, D.O.)

Dr. Bryan Weinstein, D.O.
C.E.O. and Medical Director

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Robert Chadwick, M.D.

Kayla Stiles, P.A

Kayla Stiles, P.A.

Tabetha Kassab, P.A.
Tabetha Kassab, P.A.
Aya Ajrouche, P.A.

Aya Ajrouche, P.A.

Madhu Jagadish, P.A.

Julie Micheli, P.A.

Meghna Shukla, N.P.

Director of Pharmacy (Dr. Afsaneh Haghdoust)

Dr. Afsaneh Haghdoust, Pharm.D,
Director of Pharmacy, Mind Health Group

Mind Health Group Leadership

Bailey McGeorge (Practice Manager)
Bailey McGeorge
Practice Manager
Jonathan Shaya (Financial Manager)
Jonathan Shaya
Financial Manager
Tannia Shaya (Director of Business Development & Marketing)
Tannia Shaya
Director of Business Development & Marketing

Mind Health Group Support Team

Breanna Gray (Lead Medical Assistant)
Breanna Gray
Lead Medical Assistant
Natalie Mullins (Medical Assistant)

Natalie Mullins
Medical Assistant

Abigael McGeorge(Lead Patient Care Specialist)
Abigael McGeorge
Lead Patient Care Specialist
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Corie Keith
Patient Care Specialist


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Tassia Zoma
Lead Billing & Credentialing Specialist

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Isabelle Garrett
Patient Care Specialist


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Ashlynn Marshall
Patient Care Specialist

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Rebecca Gembarski
Patient Care Specialist
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Madison Vineyard
Patient Care Specialist
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Gyasi Gambrell
Patient Care Specialist

Our company is comprised of three divisions, created over a 25 year period:

Summit Psychiatry, Life Skills Village, and Peak Pharmacy were created to provide a holistic level of care for our patients. Services include medication management, talk, occupational, and speech therapy, and speciality pharmacy services where the pharmacist knows your name. These three companies have now joined together to become one – Mind Health Group. 

Mind Health Group is made up of people who are highly committed towards helping others in a holistic manner. Each and every individual shares common core values and works with Mind Health Group every day with a purpose and a mission.

The purpose is to help people suffering from emotional distress wherever they may be. Every single individual whether they’re the medical provider or a part of the support team all share the same core values that lend itself towards that purpose and mission. Everyone at Mind Health Group is highly dedicated and mission focused for caring for patients. Our passion is for transforming the lives of the people under our care. We are not afraid to take on hard cases, and we succeed where others fail.

Mind Health Group is a management service organization offering an array of management, financial, operational, and marketing services that can be made available to psychiatric or psychological clinics. We support and manage psychiatric and behavioral clinics additionally acting as a central hub for online group meditation, remote patient monitoring, labs and pharmacy. Furthermore, our HR services, patient call centers, marketing, and technology innovation are patient centered, altruistic and mission oriented. We empower psychiatric practices to be the best they can be by handling all administrative and management tasks as well as establishing and elevating clinical governance through patient engagement and technology. Mind Health Group offers technology services such as establishing AI for the purpose of diagnoses and treatment plans based on symptomatology, psychiatric history, and response to medications. In summary, we are a management, administrative, marketing and technology support company for mental health practices aimed at solving the mental health crises by helping mental health practices leverage psychiatrists with Mid-level practitioners as well as providing a platform so that psychiatrists and Mid-levels can focus on patient care. 

A psychiatric practice offering medication management services for a wide range of conditions, including Anxiety, Depression, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. All services are currently being offered via telepsychiatry from the comfort of your own home.
Peak Pharmacy
Peak Pharmacy was launched as a specialty psychiatry pharmacy next door to the office of Summit Psychiatry. Our location eliminates bureaucracy and all delays between pharmacy and clinical providers, allowing us to get you your medications fast; our focus on psychiatry enables us to intimately know all medications, and to answer all of your questions about dosage and potential side effects – all with the personal touch!
Like skills village
Initially founded to help individuals with closed head injuries, today Life Skills Village treats most behavioral conditions through its psychotherapy, occupational and speech therapy services. Our focus is on improving function, and care is provided via telehealth, and through our outpatient facilities if a face-to-face interaction is required.
clinicians and office staff

Mind Health Group is made up of clinicians and office staff who are highly committed towards helping patients in a holistic manner. Our divisions work closely together ensuring the best possible health and life outcomes for the people under our care. We are not afraid to take on hard cases, and we succeed where others fail.

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